Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Card Table Make-Over

All you need to turn a boring, old black card table into a delightfully cheery craft table is:
a can of white spray paint
some bright, beautiful oil cloth
a staple gun
a screw driver

Remove the top of your card table and lay it on top of the oil cloth. Then, staple your oil cloth to the table top. Now, spray the table frame white (or any other pretty color you like). Once the table is dry, re-attach the table top to the frame and there you have it...

A cute little table, perfect for all your crafting needs.

Hutch Make-Over

My parents gave me their lovely oak hutch when I got married. I have really enjoyed it just the way it is for the last four years, but I've decided it is time for a change. Here is the hutch before (I forgot to take a picture before we had taken the top portion off.)

Check out this link for information on how to prep your furniture for painting. With a lot of sanding, taping, painting, and patience, we ended up with a gorgeous black hutch.

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