Monday, January 31, 2011

Button Napkin Ring

This sweet little project is super cheap and easy (my favorite kind of project!)
All you need is:
12 inches of pretty ribbon
Button with a shank (hole on the back)

First, thread the ribbon through the shank of the button. Next, tie the ribbon in a knot (try to pull the knot as tight as you can).

Then, cut the ends of the ribbon as close to the knot as you can and burn the raw edge with your lighter. Put your napkin ring around a rolled up cloth napkin.

Hook the loop of the ribbon around the button...and TA-DA:

A lovely and cheap napkin ring for your romantic Valentine's day dinner.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine Banner

I will be hosting a Valentine's dinner for a couple of friends so I wanted to make our dinning room look a little more festive. I found this adorable banner and decided I need one for my house. I mainly used K and Company products. Most of the papers I used were from this paper pack:

Those cute little Victorian cut-outs came from this:

These pleated flowers are really easy to make if you follow the directions over here...

I used baker's twine to string all of the elements together. I wanted them to stay put, so rather than hole-punching the items, I used a long sharp needle and just threaded them on like I was sewing.

I love the way my banner turned out and can't wait for my friends to see it.

Paper Bag Photo Album

I love making paper bag photo albums, they're cheap and easy to make and I can use up left-overs from other scrap-booking projects. First, take a paper bag and fold it in half:

Then fold one-three more bags (I usually don't make make these mini albums out of more than four sacks because they become too fat once you add all of the embellishments and photos). Take the other bags and stack them alternating the ends like this:

At this point you can punch three holes on the spine of your book and tie them up with ribbon or you can decorate them first (that is the way I prefer to make them). Staple the opening of one of your sacks to make a sleeve for adding more photos (sorry for the crappy photo):

Staple other end of the bag to add more sleeves for photos and embellishments:

Decorate your bags just like you would a regular scrap book. Here is the cover of my bag:

This is the inside of my cover:

Here is the outside of bag #2:

And the inside:

Here are my inserts for secret, hidden photos!

Now all I have to do is print my photos and add them to my cute little album!
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