Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Booties

I fell in love with this fabric a few months ago and had to buy it (even though I had no project in mind...happens a lot.) Then I found the pattern for these sweet little booties, I knew they were a match made in heaven. They are quick and easy to work up and are oh- so precious.

First, cut the sole out of a super soft minky or fleece and "jiffy grip fabric" (the pattern calls for batting in between the layers of fabric but I thought that made the shoe too bulky).

Then, cut the top out of your outer fabric and minky.

Next, put the minky and jiffy-grip wrong sides together and zig-zag around the outer edge.

Then, lay your outer fabric and minky right-sides together, pin the inner edge, and sew.

Next, pin the heel (right-sides together) and sew down the back.

Next, turn the shoe right-side out, pin the bottom all the way around, and sew.

Finally, pin the sole to the top of the shoe and sew.


Viola! You have an adorable little bootie for some lucky little baby.


  1. What! How did I not know that you had another blog before this? I love looking at all of the things are you are making! I am adding this to my google reader stat!

  2. So cute! I wish I would have know this when my little boy was little! Great job!

  3. You made that look so easy! They are adorable.


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