Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ironing Board Cover

I got this mini ironing board from a local thrift store for $2.00 (a steal) but it was in dire need of a new cover.

First, I took off the old cover and used it as a pattern for my new super cute cover. I just pinned the old cover on top of my fabric and cut around it leaving about a two and a half inch border.

I then folded over the fabric one inch all the way around and ironed the one inch fold. I clipped into the curves to make it easier to turn.

Next, I sewed the hem with a 1/4 of an inch seam, leaving a two inch gap so I could thread my elastic through.

I then tied my elastic around a safety pin, threaded my elastic all the way through to cover, and tied it in a knot.

Finally, I fit my cover onto the ironing board and tucked the elastic under the hem.

There you have it, a super easy way to spruce up your old ironing board.


  1. Love, Love, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the quick tute.

  2. I'm too lazy, wanna make one for my BIG ironing board, haha :)

  3. I sooooo need to do this! Mine is NASTY!


  4. I found you on Just Something I Whipped Up. Great tutorial! I so need to make a new cover for my ironing board. It is a mess! I also like your cupcake display. Cute!

  5. How cute....
    I just said the other day, how I needed to buy another cover for mine. Now I know I can make one and it won't stick out like a sore thumb in the house. Thank you for the great tutorial!!!

  6. So cute! Unfortunately our ironing board doesn't need a new cover right now...but I'm bookmarking this link for when it does! :-)

    ~ Carrie ~


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